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archlit LeeSti is a NGL (Next Generation Luminaire-US DOE-IES-IALD) Winner!

The Next Generation Luminaires™ (NGL) Solid State Lighting (SSL) Design Competition is sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), the Illuminating Engineering Society (IES), and the International Association of Lighting Designers (IALD).  The NGL competition was launched in 2008 to promote excellence in the design of energy-efficient LED luminaires for general illumination. Recognition by NGL means the judges considered the product to be worthy of specification. That means NGL-recognized products have to measure up on many fronts. The judges care about suitability and quality, not just energy-efficiency.

This year’s indoor competition had 10 judges, drawn from the architectural lighting community, and for them to deem a product specification-worthy means it cleared a mighty high bar. Out of 266 products that were proposed for submission to the 2014 NGL indoor competition, only 153 made it to the judging phase with market-ready samples and complete documentation. That documentation – which included luminaire and component specification sheets, LM-79 test reports, lumen maintenance projections, warranty statements, and marketing materials – helps make sure actual performance matches what was claimed. 

 The judges awarded 57 products as Recognized, meaning they were considered worthy of specification in the application for which they were designed. archlit LeeSti also received a special acknowledgment because demonstrated superior serviceability. 

 The Indoor Winners’ Announcement was held on September 17, 2014 at The LED SHOW in Los Angeles, CA.

 Judges comments about archlit LeeSti:

The judges admired the innovative design, good glare control and light distribution of this luminare from archlit, noting the ease of serviceability as a particularly valued feature. "Good glare control", "easy service incorporated into the design" were some of the specific comments. 

 Judges comments about the Competition

“Any product that earns the recognition of the NGL judges has to be pretty special,” said DOE Solid-State Lighting Program Manager Jim Brodrick. “They’re a tough audience – impossible to fool and hard to please.” 

Products that have been evaluated by the Next Generation Luminaires design competition have been vetted to a degree that no other evaluation does. They have been documented by third-party testing and that documentation has been evaluated.  And then the products have been evaluated for their lighted performance by a diverse group of professionals from the design, engineering and construction sides of the business.

The NGL process allows judges to be at the forefront of these next generation luminaires, to see what the industry is doing.

NGL evaluations go all the way in to see how the entries are managed and maintained.




Georgetown, DC Residence

Logan Circle, DC Residence

Art Work at Lobby 1301 K St NW Washington DC (2013)


Btoo Restaurant at Washington DC by Demian Wilbur Architects (2013)

Bethesda, MD Private Residence (2012)

NOF National Office Furniture Showroom (2013)


Private Residence Georgetown Washington , DC (2013)


Warranty Policy

Warranty policy for indoor fixtures

1- The warranty period starts on the date of invoice for (5) years in the case of archlit assembled fixture. Third party products sold by archlit will have those parties warranty. archlit warrants that each product will be free from defects in material and workmanship. 2- An archlit representative will have access to the defective products. If the products or other parts become suspect, the representative shall have the right to invite other manufacturers’ representatives to evaluate the lighting systems. 3- The products should have been purchased directly from an archlit (sales) organization. 4- Proof of purchase for the products is available for inspection by archlit. 5- Labour costs for (de)-installation of the products are not covered under this warranty. 6- archlit warranty flows only to purchaser. If any product covered by this warranty is returned by purchaser within the applicable warranty period set forth in the warranty policy and upon examination archlit determines to its satisfaction that such product failed to satisfy this warranty, archlit will, at its option, repair or replace the product or the defective part thereof. For purposes of clarity, ‘repair or replace the product or the defective part thereof’ does not include any removal or reinstallation activities, costs or expenses, including without limitation, labor costs or expenses. 7- If archlit chooses to replace the product and is not able to do so because it has been discontinued or is not available, archlit may replace the product with a comparable product (that can show small deviations in design and product specification). 8- No agent, distributor or dealer is authorized to change, modify or extend the terms of the limited warranty on behalf of archlit, in any matter. 9- This limited warranty only applies when the product has been properly wired and installed and operated within the electrical values, operating range and environmental conditions provided in the specifications, application guidelines, standards or any other document accompanying the products. If a product is found to be defective, or not performing per the product specifications, the purchaser must notify archlit in writing. 10- archlit will facilitate the technical resolution of problems. Third party products sold by archlit are not covered under this warranty. 11- This warranty does not apply to damage or failure to perform arising as a result of any abuse, misuse, abnormal use or use in violation of any applicable standard, code or instructions for use including without limitation those contained in the latest safety, industry and/or electrical standards for the relevant region(s). 12- This warranty shall be void in the event any repairs or alterations, not duly authorized by archlit in writing, are made to the product by any person. The manufacturing date of the product has to be clearly readable. archlit reserves the right to make the final decision on the validity of any warrantee claim. If requested by archlit, the non-conforming or defective products shall become archlit’s property as soon as they have been replaced. 13- All warranty periods mentioned are subjected to an archlit representative having access to the failed product or system for verification of non-compliance. Guarantee claims have to be reported and returned to the local archlit office within 30 days after discovery, specifying at least the following information (additional info may be required on request): details of the failed products; for system warranties also details of other components used; installation date and invoice date; detailed problem description. 14- The warranty and remedies contained in the terms of the limited warranty are the only warranties given by archlit with respect the products and are given in lieu of all other warranties, whether express or implied, including without limitation warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose, which warranties are hereby disclaimed. 15- These terms and conditions state archlit’s entire liability and obligation to purchaser and purchaser’s sole and exclusive remedy in connection with defective or non- conforming products supplied by archlit to customer, whether or not such damages are based on any warranty not explicitly mentioned in these terms and conditions, contract or any other legal theory, even if archlit has been advised or is aware of such defects. 16- This is a limited warranty and excludes, among other items, installation, providing access to products (scaffolding, lifts, etc.), and special, incidental and consequential damages (such as loss of revenue/profits, damage to property or other miscellaneous costs not previously mentioned), and is further defined by the limitations and conditions set forth in the respective warranty policy and these terms and conditions. 17- Upon request, archlit’s representatives have to be allowed to access the defective product, system or application for verification of non-compliance. 18- archlit cannot be held liable for electrical supply conditions, including supply spikes, over voltage/under-voltage that are beyond the specified limits of the products and those defined by relevant supply standards.